Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trip to Novi Sad!

Just to inform you,this is a post with LOTS of pictures.We just didn't know which ones should we post because we like them all *this is still NOT all of them XD*
Few days ago (it was this last Friday) we went to Novi Sad.It was our first time there, not counting that one time we went when we were really young and don't actually remember .We were so excited! Like child would be,really!We like to travel,and we didn't go anywhere for quite some time,so it was a great feeling.
When we got there it was fantastic.People are so kind!They didn't mind us asking about directions,taking pictures or anything.The city looks MAGICAL! *O* Everything has that old-fashioned look.I think they are trying really hard to maintain that look.There are a lot of lovely pubs,cafes, restaurants,shops...And it is so clean!
The weather was great as well.We really wanted to take a picture of everything.We visited some pretty interesting shops with hand-made clothes.Lady at one of those was so very nice that we gave her flowers we got as a gift ^^ She even gave us her visit-card so we can contac her if we have any questions about making corsets or anything. 
We had only around 3 hours to see everything so we were walking really fast XD We bought coffee in one pub,it was really great and cheap!Prices are seriously not high,it's cheaper than in Belgrade!There were some Japanese tourists at square and we were so happy to hear Japanese language live :33 I just love it so much!
All in all,that was pretty much one perfect day...I would write more,but I am so tired and I still have to study now...Hope you enjoyed this post!Bye~


             Selling man offered to take a picture of us with his balloons.This is our favorite of that day :3

Those two boys were so cute,the older one was pushing his brother on that little horse.I can't remember           when was the last time I saw that toy....

                                            This is entrance to the pub we went in for a coffee.

Oh yeah! That second picture in hair saloon! They are playing rock and metal in it and it is SO COOL!

                                In the end,we even saw a rainbow.It was very bright and pretty!

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