Saturday, April 6, 2013

Medieval feast,drawing,fun...

In the past few weeks we didn't have time to write posts,nor did we have proper computer to do that,so we are posting now. 
On one Friday night mom had a wish to go to club Underworld with us to see how it is. We agreed but with a warning! People dance "strangely" there (there's a pole and stuff) and those girls in tiny clothes have a need to shake their butts around :)
She just laughed and said "OK I don't care.."
When we arrived the information about K-POP night before Goth night came to us. As we didn't know about it it was really bad surprise. For some time it was really boring,but after some time the music got better and better. Kids jumped around like rabbits and we just couldn't stop laughing the whole time. Mom sat in the corner of the room and watched us dance. She looked sooo good :3
After K-POP finished the audience changed totally. But there was one,lets say,problem. About 20 people came to the second part of the night,so it was kind of empty. That's not a problem for us two (4 if we count our friends) so we danced the whole time. Some people were looking at our pretty mom through the night :3 And we were proud!
On the other side,mom was amazed by our dance! She said that she was never able to relax and dance in the clubs when she was young,so she didn't have a problem with "sexy dancing" of her daughters :)

Next week there was a medieval feast arranged for the birthday of Damien. It was held in his place and we had our hopes come true. It was simply AMAZING. Before that we had a small argue with a friend that came along,but we didn't think about it there,there wasn't time for that stuff! The food was :Q____ I don't have words to describe it. Meat, potatoes, vegetables, home-made bread... WINE! HE made everything himself, along with wine and rakija (rakija is something between votka,sake and liqueur here in Serbia :))
 The place was arranged to look medieval and everyone (except two girls) was dressed medieval too. tunics,dresses... We made ours for that occasion. White "under dresses" (which were main dresses after,because it was really hot there) and robes. Along with my pretty,pretty crown made by one really amazing guy,Stevan!

And one of my works that I'm proud of 

and one of my new photos

until next time!

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