Friday, July 22, 2016

What do you usually do when you just can't figure your next step in life?

Hello everyone, after a looong long time!
I hope you all are doing great :3 I decided to write a quick post today. I've been thinking about writing for quite some time now, but I just couldn't make myself do it. This summer is a little different for me than the summers before. Why? Because I finished faculty. The only thing left now are exams, and when that is done, I have no idea what to do next. I didn't exactly find myself yet. I have no idea what I want to do in my life. There are few things that interest me but I just can't put a finger on one of them and start doing it. I'm thinking about fashion, maybe some charity work, working in a magazine, tourist agency....I'm just so confused. T___T Have any of you ever experienced something like this? I guess you have. I would like it very much if you could share your thoughts with me about how to find myself...
And while my days are passing by quickly, instead of studdiying, I've been going out with my friends, spendind time with my boyfriend, doing houswork....Everything but studiying! I hate that, and I have to snap out of it quickly! I hope this feeling will pass soon because it bothers me so much. Still, I can't say I didn't enjoy last two months - I made a lot of jewlry with my sister, went to The Gazette concert in Germany with my boyfriend * I have to write about that too!* , held a stand with my sister on Japanizam *we were selling that jewlry we made* , went to many walks and coffies with my friends...Still, I have a feeling that I miss something and that I should change something, but I just don't know what. Damn. I thought about cutting my hair , or dying it or something like that, but I don't really think I'm gonna do that XD I mean, my hair is so nice and natural now and I don't want to ruin it with dye. Ok, on with this post.
Yesterday I had a great time with Saki and Niki :D They made me laugh so much, I love them :D It's a shame Katty wasn't with us, but she is having her own great time with her boyfriend in Vienna. Saki, Niki and I went into a lot of shops, looked at things, tried somethings out. I tried out this super cute dress that I really want to buy *or better, make* and Saki bought a really nice pair of flat sandals. They are so cute, copper colored  with some sparkly parts. Niki took some pictures of me yesterday, so you can see what I was wearing. Ever since I bought this white dress it's been my favourite piece of clothing :3 Yesterday I decided to match it up with long black  cloak *or cape, or a very long shirt, however you want to call it  XD* and overknee socks.

And you can see a video *made by mistake XD* of me trying the dress here:

Until the next time, 

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