Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Creative thoughts, possible trip and a lot of work

It has been crazy for the last two weeks or so. We made a little gathering for Halloween, a week after that we attended 18th B-day of our friend Naca, the day after that we made a little gathering for Katty's B-day... Apart from that all I had work, faculty and house work, and Katty has been preparing for her next fashion show that's gonna be held on BAFE on 26th of November. You get the situation X'D I obviously didn't have time to write so now I have to compensate for that... Where should I start...?

First of all, Halloween was fun! Katty decorated our house in, like, 30 mins while Aki and I were talking. I just came back from work and I was sooo tired because I've been walking around for the whole day. Decorations came out great! :D On Halloween we sat around telling scary stories, laughing, playing games... We stayed up till 4:30am. Vladimir spent the weekend here, I really enjoyed our time and it went by really quickly.

I took that picture on the right while I was working XD As well as next two pictures :3

The next weekend was that 18th B-day and the party was awesome! We seriously had lots of fun and danced the whole night.

On the left is my combination for that evening, I just took the picture while trying out that headband :3

Then the next day was gathering for Katty's B-day and it was pretty much the same as Halloween :D
I made these for her and gave them at midnight 

Katty is working really hard on finishing her collection and I love just love EVERYTHING she made! I can't wait the day of the fashion show to come. While we are at it, I have no idea if I'm going to be in Serbia at that time. There's a chance (a very small one)  that I'm gonna travel to Korea at the end of the month :D Oh God I'm so excited!!!  There's been a contest and I applied. My lovely colleges told me about it :3 I am so, so grateful!

Also, I finally made a skirt out of one piece of fabric that Katty bought for me quite some time ago. Actually, I went to our grandma and asked her to sew it for me. She finished it today so now I want to do some embroidery on it :D But I'm still not sure what should I make... Probably some cherry blossoms or something like that...
Wow this came out as one really long post! Sorry guys, I don't have any intention of translating it to Serbian now. Too tired for that. Hope you don't mind!
Till the next time ~
P.S. Here are some random pics I took on faculty XD

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