Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hannie made me ulzzang!

Haha,few weeks ago I was at Hannie's place,we were bored,so we decided to try out some make up.She wanted to try making me "egyo" or "ulzzang".She's really good at it! I never thought it would would look pretty nice! I like how the pictures came out.We had lots of fun..I love to watch her face while she puts make up on someone.She gets fully concentrated! :3 While she was doing my make up she had some smile on her face,I thought she thinks I look funny XD But she was like "aaawwww you're so cute like this!" I actually think I look a bit creepy.At least when you see me live.So,what do you think? :3

                        Only this one is edited :) But it's the one I like the best!

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