Friday, May 24, 2013

After some time...

Sorry for not posting anything so long! I somehow lost that feeling that I HAVE to write every two days...I guess it's just university >.<'' I've been so preoccupied with studies these last 2-3 months,I just can't think about what I'm gonna write here.It's like my inspiration has gone dry.But today I finally decided to write something.
We still didn't get pictures from Budapest,but as soon as we do,you will see them here ^^ It's been a nice journey!It had it's ups and downs,but when I now think about it I mostly remember nice things...A week ago I had a test at university (it was Saturday) and after that I met with Katty and Yuki.I love to go out with Yuki,we always talk so much! But we can't really meet that often because she is studding Japanese language and she is really busy.So when we DO meet,we try to enjoy our time as much as we can.We walked for a while and then ended up at McDonald's...It's kind of our old place for hanging out.That day we also met with our old " crew" (ex "emo kids" :D) .Katty wasn't feeling well so she went home before all of them gathered.I didn't see all of them for such a long time!And I was really glad that we met. We went to places that we used to go 3-4 years ago.I had great time!The only thing was that I was reeeaally tired *I left from home at around 11am,and stayed in Belgrade till 9pm* so I left earlier than I wanted :( 
OH YEAH! I've cut my hair! :DDD Yay! I'm really happy because of it....It's now all fluffy,natural and lovely  :3

 Around 5 days ago I started using this face cream:
And I just had to say something about it here.IT IS SO SO SO GREAT! *O* 
I really had a hard time finding something that will match my skin type.I have a bit sensitive skin,that is easily irritated,often red,it easy brakes out...So I just couldn't find cream for it.And than one day I went to pharmacy and asked sales girl if she can recommend me something.So she told me about this MAXLAB cream with silver.It is anti-allergic,has combination of natural oils of almond, coconut, avocado and jojoba oil with colloidal silver.It's good for acne,pimple, herpes, eczema, insect bites, festering ulcers and allergies.So if anyone has problems like that,I think you can try it.... ^_^  * I don't know about you,but when I find some great product I just want to share it with everyone XD Maybe someone will find it useful like I did...*

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